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Scott Souers and staff went above and beyond. Excellent and intelligent. Can’t thank them enough.
— Anthony
Scott Souers was able to achieve an extraordinary outcome in my case. I am forever grateful for his continued efforts and perserverance. Truly a lifesaver! Thank you for everything.
— Shelby

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Have You Been Arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI)?

DUI arrests are common place in South Lake Tahoe because, among other reasons, South Lake Tahoe is a tourist and party destination. In 2010, South Lake Tahoe Police officers arrested 215 people for Driving Under the Influence. Two particular officers alone arrested 63 drivers for DUI in 2010. 

Many of the individuals arrested for DUI in South Lake Tahoe are visitors from outside of the Lake Tahoe region.  Having to appear in court in South Lake Tahoe when you live a long distance away from the area presents a great hardship on many DUI defendants.

If you are an individual who was arrested for DUI in South Lake Tahoe while you were visiting the area, you should not sacrifice your rights and defenses merely because you do not have the time to make a personal appearance in court at your arraignment or subsequent court hearings.

Consulting Scott Souers, an attorney experienced in representing DUI defendants in South Lake Tahoe, is the first step toward protecting your rights and defenses.  Depending on your DUI case, you may not be required to appear personally at your arraignment hearing. Scott Souers is here to appear on your behalf.

Whether or not you are a resident of the Lake Tahoe area, there are a number of defenses that may be available to you when facing DUI charges.  The facts of your DUI case will determine the likelihood of you chances for acquittal or a reduction of your DUI charge.  Scott has a history of successfully achieving acquittals or reductions for his clients.

Police officers must follow legal standards when making a DUI arrest and prosecutors must prove several elements in order to reach a DUI conviction. Consequently, DUI defendants often have valid defenses available to them of which they are not aware.  Scott's experience representing DUI defendants gives him the knowledge to recognize and act on his clients' legitimate defenses to DUI charges.

Scott W. Souers, Criminal Defense Attorney.

Scott W. Souers, Criminal Defense Attorney.

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